All materials have an optimal cutting speed which is typically stated in Surface Feet Per Minute (SFM).

SFM = Cutting tool diameter (inches) × RPM × 0.262

MaterialCutting Speed
Aluminum – soft to medium-hard18,000 SFM
Aluminum – hard and/or anodized12,000 SFM
Brass – less than 150 Brinell10,000 SFM
Bronze – less than 150 Brinell12,000 SFM
Copper10,000 SFM
Lead14,000 SFM
Magnesium15,000 SFM
Plastics6,000–10,000 SFM

The performance of all cutting tools, including Everlast saws, will be affected by these key factors:

Consult with Everlast to help select the optimum saw for your cutting application.