Since 1947, materials from around the world, quality made in America. 

Everlast Saw of North America has been providing quality products for industrial use for more than 70 years. Though the manufacturing location has changed over the years—New York, Florida, and now Kansas—the commitment to quality and customer service remain the same.

Cuts Above the Rest

A quality product from a tried-and-true brand—requirements owner Paul Hardenburger was looking to fulfill when he purchased Everlast Saw in 2016, and requirements customers have when choosing to purchase our carbide tipped saw blades year after year.

When you choose Everlast, you get to work directly with best-in-industry professionals.

That’s something you won’t find ordering from an online distributor or big-box store. Questions about application or complicated cuts go unanswered, and bottlenecks create backlogs, which are never good for business. That’s why we focus on exceptional customer service and why we only sell through local dealers—because expertise matters.