We live and breathe saw safety and best practices.

We take the time to learn. And it’s our honor and priority to pass along that knowledge to you.

Safe Sawing

The safe and proper use of our products is highly important to us. Protect yourself by following accepted safety practices.

Safety Guidelines

Cutting Speeds

Each material has an optimal cutting speed. Find yours starting with what you’re cutting.

Optimal Cutting Speeds

Blade Design

Saw blades are distinguished using a set of specs. Looking for what a technical term means? Check our glossary.

Saw Blade Design Glossary

Top Grinds

Learn about the standard top grinds used on carbide tipped blades.

Standard Top Grinds

Pitch Comparison

Look up the correct tooth pitch for a saw blade by diameter and number of teeth.

Saw Blade Tooth Pitch Comparison Table (PDF)